About the Owner:

    Joe Amato, the owner of Seventh Heaven Antiques, is a frequent expert panel member appearing
with other appraisers at a series of area appraisal fairs - think “Road Show” and you’ll get the
idea - all produced to benefit local charities. Joe’s contribution to those philanthropic ventures is
unique, bringing a wide range of expertise to the events. His knowledge of Chinese Export
ceramics, American furniture, Lowcountry artists, and fine period silver is well-known in the
region. His regular monthly appearance at Scott’s Antiques Market in Atlanta has extended for
nearly twenty consecutive years and dealers from throughout the United States seek him out for
counsel - and great buys.

    The extensive silver collection at Seventh Heaven Antiques is testimony to Joe Amato’s keen eye
and dedication to excellence. Row after row, case after case, gleaming holloware and flatware
stand forth as the very best in American, English and Continental sterling silver. Each piece is
painstakingly researched and identified, and then displayed in tasteful arrays.
We invite you to drop in, and spend some time enjoying our fabulous collection of silver. You
won’t find a more comprehensive exhibit anywhere outside a museum.